Labor FAQ.1

Starting today, I will try to translate the Japanese labor FAQs into English.

The following is the text translated into English by the secretary.


Q. Please tell me about the key point for labor management and dealing with labor issues for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Most of the labor issues faced by small and medium-size enterprises that lead to labor tribunals and lawsuits are related to dismissal, retirement, and overtime pay claims.

If you are still employed, you may have reservations about the company, but the issue of dismissal/ retirement is a question of whether or not your employment will be terminated, so your psychological resistance to fighting the company will be lower.

Claims for overtime pay are often made after retirement.

In addition, dismissal/ retirement and overtime pay claims are types of disputes in which it is easy for workers to obtain a large amount of money, so even if you have to bear the cost of hiring a lawyer, you may have to take action such as filing a labor tribunal or a lawsuit. It’s easy to take.

1. Dismissal/retirement

2.Overtime pay

I think this is an important point in labor management and dealing with labor issues for small and medium-size enterprises.


Original FAQ here. https://www.y-klaw.com/faq1/1.html


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